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With our Grid Kids we bring out the small stars really big and offer an extra portion of adventure. If you are up for flashing cameras, adrenalin and a unique experience, then apply now as a Grid Kid.


Each race driver within the Formula E is accompanied by a Grid Kid. The most important task is happening right before the beginning of each race at the starting formation, holding up a sign with starting number and name of the driver as well as the team. This means you will be right beside «your» driver and his racing car in the very focus of all cameras and photographers.

There is more: The Grid Kids of the two top ranked drivers are allowed to join them at the award ceremony. Can you imagine?

And if this was not enough: Additionally, you and your family (parents and siblings) receive a grand stand ticket for free, to enjoy the whole race close by.

We want to make sure that this special experience will stay in your mind forever. Therefore, you will be able to take the Grid Kid uniform and the pictures of this extraordinary day as souvenirs back home with you.

The most creative applications will be presented on the event area by the way. So, make sure to look closely when you come to the Zurich E-Prix.


Our selection process for Grid Kids at the Julius Baer Zurich E-Prix 2018 is really easy: You will take part at a creative competition and send us your creative realisation in connection with the Zurich E-Prix. If a self-drawn picture, a collage, a video or a letter… show us in your own way, what you think the Zurich E-Prix is standing for. It is up to you, on what you want to set your focus – the topic of the historical meaning of the Formula E race in Switzerland, the e-mobility or ecological sustainability, all is welcome. We can’t wait to receive your applications.

The application is open to all kids at the age between 8 and 14 years.


The application process for our Grid Kids is starting on the 19th of February 2018 and will finish on the 3rd of April 2018.

Please make sure to include the following details in your application: Full name, age, copy of passport/ID of Grid Kid, name of the parents, Copy of passport/ID of parents address as well as telephone number and e-mail address of the parents. Also let us know how many people live within you household.

Send you application to: Swiss E-Prix Operations AG, Postfach 270, 8500 Frauenfeld
or at

The postmark accounts for the date.


  • Grid Kids must be within the age of 8 – 14 years.

  • The kids have to be present at the racing course in Zurich on Saturday afternoon, 9th of June 2018 and on Sunday, 10th of June 2018. The exact time will be announced to the participants four weeks ahead of the event.

  • The Grid Kids will wear a Grid Kid T-Shirt provided by Formula E and Swiss E-Prix Operations. No clothing or other branding may be worn.

  • Travel and/or overnight expenses will not be covered.

  • The parents of the Grid Kids grant the right to E-Prix Operations as host of the Zurich E-Prix, to display the application of their child on the event area and use it for marketing purposes (without the mentioning of the name if wished).

  • The selected kids will be informed in written form and we request a binding confirmation of the participation.

  • In total, 20 Grid Kids will be booked for the event and 3 Grid Kids will serve as a reserve.

  • Grid Kids and parents must comply with all health and safety requirements communicated to them by Swiss E-Prix Operations or Formula E.

  • Swiss E-Prix Operations will make all final decisions and there is no right of appeal.