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All visitors must undergo a security check and bag check before they can enter the event site.
In the event of an emergency, pay attention to the public announcements. Follow the instructions given by event and security personnel.
Cash is the primary method of payment for food and the attractions. We request you bring enough cash with you. It is not possible to withdraw cash anywhere on the event site, and payment by credit card is only possible in limited cases.
Children under 12 years old may only enter the event site accompanied by an adult.
For health and safety reasons, admittance to the event site may be denied despite being in possession of a ticket.
The Julius Baer Zurich E-Prix 2018 will be taking place come rain or sunshine. We recommend that you pay attention to weather reports before departing for the event. If rain is forecast, we recommend you bring rain capes or waterproof jackets with you. It is not permitted to open umbrellas on the stands or during the podium ceremony.
The race programme is subject to change if unforeseen circumstances occur. We request you pay attention to the programme information on this website or on the Facebook event page.


Visitors to the Zurich E-Prix are not permitted to bring the following objects onto the event site:
• Food and drink acquired externally (exception: baby food)
• Glass (including bottles)
• Alcohol
• Non-consumable liquids in containers greater than 100ml
• Pyrotechnics
• Objects that could be used as weapons
• Chemicals and combustible items
• Large items such as suitcases or bags (bigger than A3 format)
• Remote-controlled objects and drones
• Bicycles, scooters, skateboards and roller skates
• Chairs and stools
• Laser pointers, electronic transmission devices
• Unauthorised advertising materials and flyers
• Banners larger than 500mm high x 800mm wide